Menina Painting with Mirror Frame

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Menina Painting with Mirror Frame

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Modern menina picture with mirror frame.

It is made entirely by hand with textures and collage of mirrors creating a frame with tinted details of magenta color. All this on canvas mounted on a frame of pine wood 3-3.5 cm thick and with painted edges. The details of Color can be personalized, when making the order of the painting, according to the necessities of the environment to decorate.

Menina painting with mirrors and magenta details.

The painting has a soft texture in the figure according to the brushstrokes. It is a Menina mainly in grey, black, silver and white with colour details, which stand out over the monochromatic tonalities of the work. This is enhanced with a collage based on broken mirrors like a mosaic and details of magenta dye in some of them, resulting in a harmonious and spectacular composition. It is a perfect complement to any decorative environment.


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