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Catalogue of modern decorative paintings by categories of

Decorate any corner of the house or business with Modern paintings organized by categories of the Shops of Cuadros Splash. Hand-painted paintings and paintings printed on canvas of the highest quality. We personalize your order. You can change colors, sizes or suggest modifications to your taste. Contact with us. You can buy pictures of flowers or pictures of modern Meninas for decoration and choose between the themes of modern pictures of our catalog.

Buy modern decorative pictures in various formats and custom sizes.  

Buying modern paintings at the best price and quality is possible in Cuadros Splash. We offer customer service 24 hours a day and we are available to respond to your suggestions. You can have custom paintings to your liking. Call us. The trends of the current decoration are covered with the cheap paintings of our online shop. You can decorate your business with Modular paintings, multiforms, triptychs or diptychs.

Online shop of original modern decorative paintings painted by hand.

Buy paintings living room and bedrooms as well as any room of the home or business, to give your environment a touch of style and distinction. You can choose any modern painting in our extensive catalogue of themes. And you can modify the paintings to your liking. We adapt to the customer's advice so that the pictures harmonize perfectly within their decoration. 

Decorative pictures and modern pictures of diverse modular themes, multiforms, diptychs and triptychs.  

Splash paintings shop dedicated to the realization of modern decorative paintings, Meninas paintings that will give an elegant and sophisticated character to your environment, abstract paintings to modernize your room with paintings for lounge, paintings of cities around the world Hand Painted or Printed on canvas to decorate with an industrial and cosmopolitan style, paintings of Madrid. We can get closer to nature with tranquilizers and exotic marine paintings. We can travel to African and oriental environments placing ethnic pictures or get a decorative atmosphere of retro style with vintage pictures. 

Modern Meninas Paintings

Modern Meninas Paintings

✅ Modern Meninas paintings by hand, abstract, collage and with textures for the decoration of living rooms and bedrooms in home or business.

Cities Paintings

Modern paintings urban scenes

Painted pictures of cities, images printed on canvas of Madrid, New York, London, Paris, Venice and other urban scenes and Skyline.

Seascape Paintings

Modern marine paintings, Beach Scenes, Lighthouses, Marine Landscapes and Waves for decoration of diverse environments in home or business.

Modern marine paintings, Beach Scenes, Lighthouses, Marine Landscapes and Waves for decoration of diverse environments in home or business.

Abstract Paintings

Colorful abstract painting painted by hand in black grey and red tones with texture

  Buy hand painted abstract paintings, original with reliefs and textures, a great decision when decorating rooms in home or business.

Figurative Paintings

Eye Painting figurative canvas

Modern figurative paintings, silhouette paintings, scenes with figures and people paintings of hand painted and printed objects.

Landscapes paintings

Modern Landscape handmade paintings and Canvas

Modern, country, flower, marine, autumn and tree paintings, hand-painted, printed for home or business.

Flowers paintings

Flowers handmade paintings in yellow and magenta colors

Flower Paintings Floral Motifs, large flowers and scenes with painted and printed flowers for interior decoration in home and business.


Urban Paintings

Urban painting of new york car an people

Urban paintings, urban scenes with figures and painted and printed Cities, original, for the decoration of living room and bedroom.

Animal Paintings

animal handmade paintings and canvas

Wild Animals and Pets Paintings, Dog Paintings, personalized to decorate Rooms and Youth Bedrooms with quality.

Pop Art Paintings

Pop Art handmade paintings and Canvas

❤ Pop Art paintings, colorful, Andy Warhol style, cheerful, striking and modern paintings. Painted and printed for decoration.

Ethnic Paintings


Oriental African ethnic paintings with ethnic figures, of women and landscapes for the decoration of interiors in the home or business.

Modular and multiform paintings


With modular paintings, multiform paintings, diptychs, triptychs, paintings, you will give a modern and modern touch to your decoration.

Vintage Paintings

painting with letters and vintage digital graphics for interior decoration

Vintage paintings to decorate with a retro air all the environments of the house or business. Painted pictures for living rooms and bedrooms.

Drawings Paintings

painting printed on canvas of foreground drawing of woman's face with abstract background

Section of paintings of original drawings made in both physical and digital media. Give a sophisticated touch to your decoration.

Vertical Paintings

cuadros verticales figurativos de meninas abstractos y urbanos de ciudades

Hand-painted vertical paintings printed on canvas in various categories and patterns for home or business interior decoration

Canvas Printing


Paintings Printed in Modern Canvas of Photographs, Paintings and Digital Designs own to decorate any environment.


Classical Paintings

Impressionist landscape painting with flowers and hand-painted path

Classic paintings with commercial style, of Landscapes and other Scenes for any decorative environment, and to be lounge or bedroom.

Portrait Paintings

head painting drawn by Leonardo da Vinci

We make portrait paintings drawn and painted by hand in various styles or customize your order in size and according to your needs.

Paintings by Couples

Paintings in pairs in Meninas diptychs, abstract and figurative with various models paired hand painted and printed on canvas

Paintings in pairs in diptychs, of Meninas, abstract and figurative with diverse matched models, painted by hand and printed in canvas.

The Tree of Life

painting of the tree of life in shades of sienna brown and gold with liquid crystal details

Decorate your living room or bedroom with hand-painted, original Tree of Life paintings, with textures, reliefs and different formats.

Famous Paintings

painting printed on canvas of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa

Famous paintings by historically recognized painters. Paintings printed on canvas by Van Gogh, Renoir, Monet and other classical painters.

Infantile & Juvenile Paintings


Painted paintings of children and young people. Handwritten and printed on canvas to decorate cheerful and fun rooms for children and young people.


Cheap and discounted paintings

Low-cost Modern Paintings on Offer in specific sizes and formats. Affordable pictures of various styles available immediately.

Decorative Vinyl

Adhesive, photomural decorative vinyl for decorating walls with photographs and original designs creating a special atmosphere.

Framed pictures with mouldings and frames

Framed and bespoke frames with mouldings in various colours, styles and qualities

Framed pictures painted and printed with moldings in different colors and styles, smooth and carved frames as a perfect complement.