Paintings by Couples

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Meninas Couples

Abstract paintings by pairs painted and printed with original textures for interior decoration​Abstract Couples

Figurative pictures of people, objects and silhouettes in pairs to decorate the home or business​Figurative Couples


Modern paintings by pairs painted and printed.

Here is a selection of paired paintings with different motifs from our catalog to decorate any room with diptychs. However, these are only suggestions for paintings in pairs. Any other choice is possible, even with different motifs and characteristics.

Paintings matched by motifs and techniques painted and printed.

Within our catalogue there are quite a few models that have another picture that pairs with them. These have been made on purpose, as in the world of interior decoration is quite used this type of arrangement, both in living rooms and bedrooms or other types of rooms or environments. We therefore offer you diptychs or paired squares that form a uniform set in terms of motif, technique and style, so that you can arrange them according to your favorite style and motif.