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Cuadros modernos pintados e impresos en lienzo para la decoración de dormitorios Bedroom

Cuadros modernos por categorías Pintados e impresos para sala salón y sofáLiving Room

Cuadros modernos originales pintados e impresos para la decoración de cocinasKitchen

Cuadros para comedor modernos originales pintados e impresos Dining Room

Cuadro modernos pintados a mano de flores turquesa con fondo beige sepia con texturaOther Spaces

Cuadro modernos figurativo urbano de pareja con paraguas colorido sobre grisesBathroom

Cuadro abstracto colorido Miró con textura pintado a mano gran formatoOffices

Cuadro moderno pintado a mano abstracto monocromáticoBig Format

Cuadro pintado étnico de Buda con hojas verdes y marco negro wengué Framed Paintings

Pictures arranged by decorations for different spaces and environments.  

Here you will find part of our catalogue arranged in various types of decorations, trying to cover the most common decorative spaces in the house or business. Our modern paintings can be arranged in different environments according to the tastes of each one. We can create monochromatic spaces, colourful, serious and elegant or cheerful and fun, combining the furniture and paintings and the various objects that are part of the interior decoration. We can give it a touch of colour by putting a colourful and cheerful bedroom painting if the rest of the room is monochromatic or neutral in style. 

Pictures by decorations for the living room, bedroom, dining room or hallway.  

You can give a different style to each room depending on the combination of furniture, objects and modern paintings for the living room. The different distribution can recreate different styles: urban and industrial with abstract paintings or paintings of painted or printed Cities. Chic environments, bohemian sailors or monochromatic depending on whether you choose one type of painting or another, as well as the type of style and color for your living room.  

Pictures to decorate the kitchen, pictures for the bathroom.  

At the time of putting a touch of color in the kitchen, you can place in it our modern decorative pictures painted by hand in various motifs or choose specific motifs for this room of the house that you can find in our catalog printed on canvas with a very high quality. With all kinds of decorations you can play with the size and layout of the paintings to make your space look bigger or smaller as appropriate.

Paintings for living room

Paintings for living room, convention room or room, painted and printed on canvas, in various styles and motifs, with textures and reliefs.

Bedroom paintings

Paintings for bedroom in various styles and categories, ranging from abstract, pictures of Meninas, landscapes, etc.. with quality.

Kitchen Paintings

Paintings for kitchens painted and printed on canvas, to make the atmosphere friendly and give a touch of color to your decoration.

Dining room paintings

Paintings for dining room, living room and meeting room. Modern paintings in different categories,  colours and styles to decorate.

Other Areas

Paintings for corridors, entrances and other spaces, original hand painted or printed on canvas to decorate your favorite corner.

Bathroom Paintings

Paintings for bathrooms and other decorative spaces, modern, hand-painted and printed on canvas in various categories, formats & styles.

Office Paintings

Paintings for offices, offices, meeting rooms, hotel businesses and hotels. Modern paintings to decorate large spaces.

Large Format Paintings

Paintings of great format, special big sizes to decorate ample spaces in home. businesses, hotels and bars with quality.