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Paintings for living rooms, pictures for living rooms, pictures for meeting rooms, pictures for living rooms.

Paintings can change the decoration of the room, giving it dynamism if the furniture, wall painting, etc. is neutral, an industrial and urban Lot-type appearance with large format abstract composition paintings, or creating a more casual atmosphere by placing several paintings at different heights and sizes. 

Paintings for living rooms, large room paintings painted by hand and printed.

Large room paintings will make your space wider. The pictures for slón can be placed on the wall or supported on it, on furniture or shelves. Or directly on the floor and supported on the wall.Made-to-measure living room pictures for interior decoration.Here you will find a selection of modern paintings from the catalogue of Splash

Paintings as suggestions for the decoration of the living room.

However all of them can be placed in other types of rooms. And they can be realized in other suggested sizes, to measure by the client.
Salon paintings can be found at hand-painted and printed on canvas with high quality ecological materials. We also have less conventional formats such as staggered painting, paintings in various pieces, multiforms and modular, as well as triptychs and diptychs.


Cuadros de Meninas modernas pintados a mano con textura y collage para salón


Cuadros abstractos vanguardistas con textura pintados a mano para salón


Cuadros de ciudades New York madrid parís Londres venecia y variados pintados e impresos para salón


Cuadros figurativos de siluetas personas y objetos pintados e impresos para salón


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