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Cuadros Splash is a painting studio with its own original work, which offers you hand painted reproductions of the work. 
the same. They are works made by "your order" of the images you see on the page. We offer 
experience of more than 25 years in the sector, creating works for the decoration of the home, hotels, catering establishments, offices and companies. We personalize your order in the measures, colors and formats that you wish to make more welcoming your homes, your places of work or relaxation. Classic and modern portraits of people and pets are also made to order. The orders need a time of accomplishment and drying reason why the time of delivery indicated in the web is the necessary one for the processing of the order, accomplishment of the same one, drying, packed and shipment.

We make all our modern paintings by hand, in the whole process, from the elaboration of the frame, to the carving and the realization of the painting. We use materials of the highest quality, mainly acrylic Fine Arts, as well as resins and varnishes to get textures in the paintings. We make collage paintings and give details of Liquid Crystal in some paintings, which makes them brighter and more attractive to the eye. The whole process is carried out in Spain in our painting studio.