Gel texture brushstrokes in printing

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Gel texture brushstrokes in print.

The application of Clear gel texture over digital printing is a technique that enhances the appearance of a printed image and adds depth and realism. This technique is used to enhance shapes and simulate brush strokes, giving the image a more natural and artistic look.

To apply the gel texture, a previous digital impression of the image to be improved is needed. A layer of the clear gel is then applied to the surface of the print using a spatula or brush. It is important to make sure that the coat is even and that there are no bubbles or blemishes on the surface.

Once the coat of gel, it is allowed to dry for a certain time, depending on the thickness of the layer and the environmental conditions. After the gel has completely dried, additional layers can be added for added depth and realism.

The texture in transparent gel is a very useful technique to improve the appearance of a digital print and add an artistic touch to it.

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