Modern Black and Black Menina with Frame

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Modern Black and Black Menina with Frame.

It's a bright, sunny day when I decide to enter the Splash Painting gallery, which has always fascinated me. After browsing through several rooms, I stop in front of a painting that particularly catches my eye. It is a modern Menina, hand-painted with an impeccable technique. Her image is very realistic and detailed, and she seems to be observing me with a look of intelligence and sensitivity.

I move closer to the painting to examine it in more detail, and I notice that it has textures and varnish finishes that give it a shiny and refined appearance. But what surprises me most is its framing. The wenge-coloured frame, with a 10.5 cm wide moulding, creates an elegant and distinguished composition, which enhances the effect of the work.

I am completely fascinated by the painting and, without hesitation, decide to take it home. I know it will be a highly recommended purchase for any lover of the art of decorating, and I am sure it will be a fitting addition to any room. I leave the gallery with a smile on my face, feeling very satisfied with my purchase.


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