Bodegón Jarron Painting with fruit

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Still life painting Vase with fruit.

Modern painted painting by hand with mixed technique and Fine Acrylics, on cotton canvas on a 3-3.5 cm thick wooden frame. It is delivered with the edges painted and ready to hang. It does not need a frame. The still life painting is painted especially for you.

A still life painting is a type of painting that depicts everyday objects, such as fruits , vegetables and other foods, as well as containers and kitchen utensils. This particular painting shows a vase of fruit, which appears to have been painstakingly and detailed hand-painted.

The style of the The painting seems to have abstract touches and resembles Impressionism, a 19th century art movement characterized by the representation of light and color in a more free and subjective way. In addition, the coloring of the painting is soft and appears to be very pleasing to the eye.

In summary, it is a still life painting depicting a vase of fruit hand-painted with an impressionist style and soft, attractive coloring.


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