Red and Orange Menina Painting

Product no.: SPA1412-0003 (A: 80X60)

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Picture of Menina in a salmon-colored dress.

It is painted by hand on canvas with Fine Art materials, mounted on 3 or 3.5 cm thick wooden frame, with painted edges continuing the scene and ready to hang without the need for a frame. The motif exudes movement and is elegant in the color of the Modern Menina dress, which is a salmon tone resulting from the mixture of red, orange and pink tones. The entire figure of the menina stands out on a gray background with details of scattered brushstrokes in different shades of blue.

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A 80X60

Selection: Red and Orange Menina Painting

Product no. A Status Price
SPA1412-0001 60X40
83.00 € *
SPA1412-0002 70X50
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SPA1412-0003 80X60
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SPA1412-0004 90X65
128.00 € *
SPA1412-0005 100X75
145.00 € *
SPA1412-0006 120X90
184.00 € *
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