Couple's painting and red umbrella walking

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Picture of a couple with a red umbrella walking in the rain.

It is made entirely by hand, painted on canvas and mounted on a pine wood frame 3-3.5 cm thick, with the edges continuing the painting and ready to hang, without the need for a frame. The landscape painting with a couple in the park is painted to order and a hand reproduction of the original will be made by the author of the painting.

Landscape painting with figures of a lover with an umbrella in the rain.

Made in monochromatic tones in which white and gray dominate over which touches of brushstrokes in yellow, orange and toast stand out, as well as the rotundity of the figures of the couple with red umbrellas and reflections of colored brushstrokes on the ground. This work can be a suitable complement to any room, achieving a calm and harmonious atmosphere.


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P 60X40

Selection: Couple's painting and red umbrella walking

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