Abstract Colorful Waterfall

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1.- Abstract painting by hand with original textures.
Painted by hand with mixed technique and Acrylics of Fine, in cotton canvas on wooden frame of 3-3.5 cm thick. Delivered with painted edges and ready to hang. It does not need a frame. The frame is painted especially for you.

2.- Abstract colorful textured frames for interior decoration.
The abstract paintings inspire a special and avant-garde atmosphere, which reflects our spirit and our taste in decoration, as paintings for living room, for entrances, for offices.... Create a style with an intimate and colourful character that highlights your room in a luminous way.

3.-Abstract large format painting colorful.
The modern paintings are an indispensable element as paintings for bedroom or in other spaces of the house, office or business. They will also look fabulous in the kitchen, entrance or hallway. Decorate the whole house with Splash Pictures.

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