Disordered geometric abstraction SPA1238

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1.- Abstract painting with geometric motifs painted by hand
Abstract hand-painted painting with mixed technique and Acrylic Fine Arts, on cotton canvas on wooden frame 3-3.5 cm thick. Delivered with painted edges and ready to hang. It does not need a frame. The painting with abstract motifs on broken white is painted especially for you.
2.-Original abstract pictures to decorate living room and bedroom.
Decorate any corner of the house or business with abstract modern paintings. It is an excellent option when it comes to interior decoration, buy modern hand-painted paintings in different sizes and formats from the catalog of our online store. With them you can decorate with quality and good price.
3.- Abstract composition frame in broken white in different formats.
We customize all our paintings according to customer needs, adapting them in format, size and color, to suit all types of environments. Thus we can make the abstract picture in diptych, triptych or multiforms. Our studio can make this painting with geometric motifs in large format for large spaces.

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SPA1238-0008 120X60 154.00 € *
SPA1238-0009 130X65 164.00 € *
SPA1238-0010 140X70 178.00 € *
SPA1238-0011 150X60 178.00 € *
SPA1238-0012 150X75 188.00 € *
SPA1238-0013 180X90 207.00 € *
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