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Modern Marina and Waves painting

Modern Marina and Waves painting

Product no.: SP206-0001 (V: 4(80X25)---100X80 cm.)

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Modular marine painting with waves in 4 pieces.

Marine pictures (modular of 4 pieces), printed on cotton canvas on wooden frame of 3-3.5 cm thick. Decorate any corner of the house or business with pictures of marinas. It is an excellent choice when it comes to interior decoration, buy paintings of various pieces of modern marinas, pictures of beaches and marine themes.

Multiform painting of marina and beach with printed waves.

The multiform paintings in several parts are very suitable for large spaces, being able to be disposed of the way that is needed, separating the pieces to the satisfaction of the decorator.

Selection: Modern Marina and Waves painting

Product no. V Status Price
SP206-0001 4(80X25)---100X80 cm.
120.00 € *
SP206-0002 4(90X30)---120X90 cm.
140.00 € *
SP206-0003 4(95X35)---140X95 cm.
150.00 € *
SP206-0004 4(100X40)---160X100 cm.
160.00 € *
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