Colored flowers with frame

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Colored flowers with frame.

This painting of three large colourful flowers stands out for its originality and visual appeal. Hand-painted with an impeccable technique, the flowers seem to bloom in the painting with a life of their own, creating a very attractive visual effect. The simple, bright white background gives the painting a fresh, modern feel, while the colourful flowers add a touch of joy and vitality.

But without a doubt, the highlight of this painting is its wenge frame. With a width of 10.5 cm, the frame creates an elegant and aesthetically pleasing composition, which enhances the effect of the painting. The wenge wood, with its noble and warm tones, gives the painting an air of distinction and sophistication, while the sturdiness and durability of the frame guarantee great protection for the painting.

In short, this painting of three large colourful flowers is an original and attractive work, which will certainly add a touch of joy and vitality to any room. Its high quality and realistic painting, together with the high quality wenge framing, make it a highly recommended purchase for any decor. Don't wait any longer and add a touch of originality and beauty to your home with this flower painting!

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