Zonal abstraction in blue and gray

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Vertical abstract composition in blues and grays with yellow notes

The work can be obtained both hand-painted and printed on canvas from the  original work. The abstract painting "Zonal Abstraction in Blues and Greys" is a handmade vertical painting with yellow brush strokes. High-quality digital printing on canvas is perfect for any home or office. This abstract painting is an original piece of art that can be used to decorate your home or office. The painting is available in small, medium and large sizes. The composition in vertical format is zoned into two contrasting parts, the upper one in blue tones with yellow details. It is a composition that will give intensity and joy to any decoration. The lower part is characterized by gray and black areas with hints of blue that give the composition a softness.

Selection: Zonal abstraction in blue and gray

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SPA1566-0002 80X40 Printed
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SPA1566-0003 100X50 Printed
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SPA1566-0004 120X60 Printed
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SPA1566-0005 140X70 Printed
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SPA1566-0006 160X80 Printed
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SPA1566-0007 180X90 Printed
186.00 € *
SPA1566-0013 80X40 Pintado a mano
116.00 € *
SPA1566-0008 100X50 Hand-painted
142.00 € *
SPA1566-0009 120X60 Hand-painted
179.00 € *
SPA1566-0010 140X70 Hand-painted
204.00 € *
SPA1566-0011 160X80 Hand-painted
221.00 € *
SPA1566-0012 180X90 Hand-painted
238.00 € *
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