Mustaza Meninas Country Couple

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Couple of mustard yellow meninas.

The paintings can be chosen hand-painted or printed on canvas. To paint them, acrylic colors of Fine Arts and techniques are used in which the paint is mixed with a certain sandy and rough texture that gives an incomparable softness to the color tones used. Ecological inks that are respectful of the natural environment are used in canvas prints. In both cases they are made on canvas mounted on a 3-3.5 cm thick wooden frame depending on the size chosen, with the edges continuing the image and ready to hang. The ocher and mustard yellow colors stand out in them that contrast harmoniously and elegantly against the gray and white background that present random brushstrokes in the tones of the modern meninas dress in mustard yellow.

Selection: Mustaza Meninas Country Couple

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SPA1533-0001 60X40 Printed on canvas
123.00 € *
SPA1533-0002 70X50 Printed on canvas
133.00 € *
SPA1533-0003 80X60 Printed on canvas
161.00 € *
SPA1533-0004 100X75 Printed on canvas
218.00 € *
SPA1533-0005 120X90 Printed on canvas
256.00 € *
SPA1533-0008 70X50 Hand painted
189.00 € *
SPA1533-0009 80X60 Hand painted
211.00 € *
SPA1533-0010 100X75 Hand painted
278.00 € *
SPA1533-0011 120X90 Hand painted
322.00 € *
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