Abstract painting black mauve and magenta

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Geometric abstract painting in black, grey, magenta and mauve.

The painting is printed on cotton canvas and is mounted on a pine wood frame 3-3.5 cm thick, with the edges continuing the image and ready to hang. For this purpose, environmentally friendly and UV-resistant inks are used.  This work is made digitally from a painting by the painter Ebora de Cuadros Splash. This digital treatment is authored by the same painter.

Abstract geometric composition painting in gray, black, mauve and magenta.

It presents some monochromatic tonalities in grey and white over which the blacks stand out and some touches of colour to break the monotony of the grey tonalities. It has been made from the digitalization of an original painting by Ebora, painter of Splash Pictures and consists of textured geometric forms.


Selection: Abstract painting black mauve and magenta

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