Magenta Lip Face Painting

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Painting of a woman's face with magenta lips.

Se It is printed on canvas mounted on a frame, with high-quality ecological inks that are respectful of the environment, from the original by Ebora for our Cuadros Splash studio. The image simulates an accentuated texture in a close-up of the female face.

Modern pop art painting of a woman with pink lips.

The work is very bright, colorful and modern to decorate both the living room and bedroom or any other room. It highlights the impressiveness of the death's face on the background and its warm and effective colouring. This painting pop art  is a canvas print featuring a close-up of a female face with accentuated textures. The facial features are focused in detail, with a special emphasis on the lips, which are a vibrant magenta color. The style of the painting is modern pop art, combining traditional pop art elements with a contemporary approach.

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