Modular painting with mauve flowers

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Multiform modular Mallow Flower Painting.

Hand-painted painting with mixed technique on cotton canvas and pine wood frame 3-3.5 cm thick. It does not need a frame and is delivered with painted edges and ready to hang. The appropriate arrangement is to separate the pieces approximately 3 cm.

Modular paintings with mauve flowers.

These compositions will be a great complement to your decorative environment. They create an unconventional composition. And they can be arranged with the separation and heights you want. They are modular paintings that you can place in any space to decorate, either as paintings for living room or as paintings for bedroom, always create a modern and different style. Give a distinguished touch to your home with modular pictures of flowers. You can choose the size, format or colour. Call us!

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SP143-0002 2(50X40) 2(70X20)---140X80 cm. 160.00 € *
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