Portrait Paintings


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Paintings of portraits on canvas or hand-painted paper of people or pets.

We make pictures of portraits, both classic and modern on paper or canvas. You can send us a quality photograph of the person to portray and choose the style you like mine from those shown on this page. The portrait paintings are made with Fine Arts acrylics on canvas mounted on a frame of pine wood. In other cases they can be made with graphite, charcoal or a mixture of techniques as needed to achieve the desired result.

Paintings of portraits of people, portraits of pets, personalized.

You can also send us a good photograph of your pet if what you want is a portrait of her. Contact us by email to tell us the size and ask for a quote if the size you need is not in the size tables exposed.

Modern portrait paintings in different styles and custom formats.

We show you some examples of modern portraits so you can choose a style. However we adapt to your needs and we can make classic photographic portraits or leaning towards some style of the exposed or others that you can suggest.
Choose the style you want to be able to make modern portrait paintings.
The genre of the portrait has persisted throughout the history of Art and its painters with very exceptional exponents. The portrait paintings can be a good option when decorating any corner or environment of the house.