What are they

How are our modern hand-painted paintings?

All the paintings in our online shop are made in Spain in our Painting Studio.
All paintings, both hand painted and Printed on canvas, are delivered on cotton canvas on a 3 or 3.5 cm thick pine wood frame (stapled at the back), with the edges painted and ready to hang.

How are our paintings presented?

The hand-painted paintings can have different textures, as well as coloured cords in embossed profilers. All according to models and motifs. They are made with quality Fine Arts Acrylics or with Oil. There can also be a combination of both materials, as well as others adhered to the canvas forming a collage (paper, canvas, wood, special varnish, etc.).
The paintings printed on canvas are made with ecological materials of high quality, resistant to the rays grape. 
Below you can see a series of images of the paintings in detail in which you can see different textures, finishes and images of the canvases we use.


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             img_20170902_124140                                img_20170902_130607



       img_20170902_130638        img_20170902_130721          IMG_20170729_095316        img_20170902_130747   



           img_20170902_130356      img_20170902_130807       img_20170908_140256




           img_20170904_132731           img_20170902_124401          img_20170902_124526