Painted menina in gold and silver

Painted menina in gold and silver

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Menina painting with mirrors in gold and silver.

Hand-painted painting with mixed technique on cotton canvas on a frame of pine wood 3 cm thick.  The decoration of the living room, bedroom or any other room of the house will be enhanced with modern Meninas paintings or women's paintings with pamela. It is delivered with painted edges and ready to hang.

Modern Menina painting with mirrors for living room.

With this picture of Menina you will create a striking and elegant environment in the decoration of the home, business or office. Its monochromatic color and classic style, even being Modern paintings, makes it essential in any decorative room, either as paintings for lounge, giving the space a sophisticated and harmonious touch when decorating with Modern paintings. It can also be essential as paintings for bedroom, since its color is soft and simple, so it can harmonize in any decoration. Buying checkers is a good option when decorating rooms.

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Modern monochromatic menina painting Modern monochromatic menina painting
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