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Urban Paintings

Urban paintings of urban scenes of cities with figures and people painted and printed  Call Us 

Urban paintings, paintings of people and paintings of urban scenes and Cities painted by hand and printed on canvas.

Decoration with urban paintings gives your room a touch of modernity and industrial. With the pictures of urban scenes you will obtain that your environment has an original and distinguished style. The choice of Modern urban paintings as a complement to interior decoration is the best option when it comes to placing modern paintings in your home.

Urban paintings of cities with people and pictures of urban scenes to decorate living rooms, bedrooms and businesses.

Decorate with urban pictures at a good price is a good idea to harmonize with home decor. Give your favorite corner an air of sophistication and modernity, creating a cozy and elegant style. With the hyperrealistic urban paintings in our catalogue you will satisfy all the needs when it comes to having an artistic work in your environment. You can choose motifs such as urban paintings from Madrid or other important cities around the world to decorate your stay.

Urban paintings and urban scenes of cities with personalized people. 

The decoration of any environment with pictures of urban scenes is a good option for interior decoration, as an appropriate complement to your furniture. Whether as paintings for living room or for bedrooms, the various motifs, formats and colors of the online store the most appropriate choice. 


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Nocturnal city Canvas with car and red

Product no.: SPA1345

Urban picture printed on canvas, with night scene of city street with car in the foreground and red and white reflections on black.

from 55.00 *
Old price 64.00 €

Delivery period: 15 working days

Urban figurative picture figures walking

Product no.: SPA1366

Canvas printed picture, figurative with urban scene of people walking in silhouette on an abstract background With texture and color.

from 55.00 *
Old price 63.00 €

Delivery period: 15 working days

Vertical picture of Madrid Schweppes building

Product no.: SPA1396

Vertical painting printed on canvas of urban scene of Madrid, Plaza de Callao, Gran Vía and Capitol building. Design with abstract touches.

from 60.00 *
Old price 69.00 €

Delivery period: 15 working days

New Picture of Venetian towers of Barcelona

Product no.: SPA1388

Urban painting, printed on canvas, with an urban scene of the Venetian towers of Barcelona, with figures walking and cars in blue.

from 62.00 *
Old price 69.00 €

Delivery period: 15 working days

New Painting of Madrid Callao figures walking

Product no.: SPA1393

Painting of Madrid printed on canvas, with urban scene of Gran Via and Callao with figures walking and Schweppes building and touches of texture.

from 60.00 *
Old price 69.00 €

Delivery period: 15 working days

New London city picture figures and buses

Product no.: SPA1398

Urban painting printed on canvas, with street scene in London, figures walking and buses in red with abstract dyes of fantasy.

from 65.00 *
Old price 74.00 €

Delivery period: 15 working days

New Urban painting of New York buildings

Product no.: SPA1410

Hand-painted urban painting of New York with a scene of high buildings of Time Square in colours, with mixed technique and vertical format.

from 88.00 *
Old price 97.00 €
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Delivery period: 15 working days
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181 - 187 of 187 results