Framed pictures with mouldings and frames

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Paintings with frame and frames with custom mouldings

Framed paintings were common until relatively recently when frameless pictorial works became fashionable. This has fundamentally affected modern abstract or new figuration and large-format paintings. Nevertheless, the frames enhance the paintings extraordinarily, give them a high quality and make them look more beautiful. 

Personalized framed paintings and prints.

In Cuadros Splash we show you some of the works available in the online store, framed with different moldings so that you can get an idea of how the vision of our paintings can result with a good frame and in a specific decoration. So you can choose any other painting available in our catalog to be framed as you want.

Framed paintings for living room and bedroom decoration.

In any case we can put a frame to any painting that you have in your house and you wish to give a new, elegant, distinguished air and to obtain that your painting, modern or not, acquires an unprecedented quality. Contact us and tell us your needs so that we can help you. You can do it by email to or by phone to +34 658506567 (voice or Whatsapp).

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Large red flower painting with frame

Product no.: SPA1328

Large hand-painted picture of flowers, in red on a broken white background, with a frame about 10 cm. wide in carved cream.

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Delivery period: 30 working days

Monochrome Menina Painting with Frame

Product no.: SPA1317

Hand-painted Menina painting, monochrome and textures in sienna and black tones, with 9 cm wide framing in cream and gold.

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Old price 154.00 €
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Delivery period: 30 working days

Impressionist painting with boots and frame

Product no.: SPA1323

Impressionist hand-painted painting, with a 10 cm wide cream-worked decapé frame with old boots for living room and bedroom.

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Old price 165.00 €
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Delivery period: 30 working days

Abstract painting Woman with hat and frame

Product no.: SPA1325

Framed picture with 10 cm wide moulding, carved in decapé cream, of woman with hat with abstract touches Printed on canvas.

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Old price 170.00 €
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Delivery period: 30 working days
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31 - 34 of 34 results