Madrid Metropolis building and frame

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Madrid Metropolis building and frame.

Looking for a work that will add a touch of elegance and originality to your home? This painting of Madrid is the perfect choice! Hand-painted with an impeccable technique, the painting presents an urban scene of great realism and detail, which seems to emerge from the painting with a life of its own.

The image shows colourful figures with umbrellas strolling along Madrid's Gran Vía, with the famous Metrópolis building in the background. The choice of warm, cheerful colours gives the painting an air of joy and vitality, while the urban scene depicted adds a touch of realism and modernity.

But without a doubt, what stands out most about this painting is its golden frame. With a width of 5 cm, the frame enhances the composition of the painting, giving it an air of distinction and elegance. The choice of the golden colour also gives the painting a modern and sophisticated air, which integrates perfectly into any environment.

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