Turquoise and silver Buddha frame picture

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Turquoise and silver Buddha frame picture.

The hand-painted picture we have here is a real gem for any decor lover. Its green, turquoise, silver and grey wenge frame gives it a sophisticated and modern look, while the unique texture of the wood adds a touch of originality and elegance.

But without a doubt, what stands out most about this painting is its painting. It features a Buddha of great quality and realism, who seems to observe the viewer with wisdom and tranquillity. The skilful and expert hand of the artist has managed to capture every detail of the image impeccably, achieving a final result of great beauty and depth.

The framing of the painting is also noteworthy. With a width of 10.5 cm, it creates an elegant composition of great aesthetic quality, which integrates perfectly into any room. In addition, its thickness and sturdiness guarantee durability and protection for the painting.

In short, this hand-painted painting with wenge frame is a unique and sophisticated work of art, which will certainly add a touch of elegance and style to any environment. The quality and detail of the painting, together with the high quality framing, make it a highly recommended purchase for any collector or art lover.


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