The gentleman of the hand in the chest

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Picture of the gentleman with his hand on his chest, printed on cotton canvas on a wooden frame of 3-3 .5cm thick. Comic-style drawing illustration of the famous painting by El Greco. It is delivered with the edges painted and ready to hang. It does not need a frame. The painting of the Knight of El Greco is prepared especially for you.

If you want to give it an air of modernity and sophistication to your environment, do not hesitate to choose pictures of comic-style drawings from our online store. With frames of modern illustrations  del Greco you will create a modern and harmonious environment as a decorative complement. The Modern paintings of the gentleman with his hand on his chest will give your favorite corner, or the room you want to decorate, a touch of elegance and originality. The paintings of comic-style illustrations are the best option when it comes to dressing the walls of your home, in living rooms, bedrooms or businesses.

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