Abstract picture with Japanese graphics

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Vertical painting of abstract composition with graphics.

Abstract painting simulating Japanese graphics in vertical format, with colorful  in black, red and mustard yellow. All this on a lightly textured raw background and with loose brushstrokes, which add more interest to the piece. This work is perfect for the living room or bedroom, where it will give an avant-garde and elegant accent, making your favorite room a different environment. and distinguished. It can be done both hand-painted and printed on canvas, in both cases, mounted on a 3 cm thick wooden frame, with the edges continuing the image and ready to hang without the need for a frame.

Selection: Abstract picture with Japanese graphics

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SPA1552-0001 80X50 Printed
82.00 € *
SPA1552-0002 100X60 Printed
103.00 € *
SPA1552-0003 120X70 Printed
125.00 € *
SPA1552-0004 130X75 Printed
133.00 € *
SPA1552-0005 140X80 Printed
146.00 € *
SPA1552-0006 150X90 Printed
155.00 € *
SPA1552-0007 80X50 Hand Painted
125.00 € *
SPA1552-0008 100X60 Hand Painted
158.00 € *
SPA1552-0009 120X70 Hand Painted
187.00 € *
SPA1552-0010 140X80 Hand Painted
221.00 € *
SPA1552-0011 150X90 Hand Painted
236.00 € *
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