Abstract sphere spheres

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Abstract painting sphere of spheres.

Abstract painting printed on canvas with a terracotta ocher background and a figurative motif of an abstract sphere made up of other interior spheres. This painting creates a saturated, warm and enveloping atmosphere that invites the viewer to immerse themselves in it. The abstract sphere is a figurative motif that, in an open space, gives the impression of three-dimensional space. The sphere itself is an artistic symbol of eternity, continuity and perfection. In the traditions of different cultures it is associated with the sun and the celestial bodies, the firmament and the universe; symbolizes perfection, roundness and divine balance; some ancient cultures used the sphere as a symbol of their invisible beliefs: cycles of time and rotation of ideas, etc.

The sphere is an iconic symbol that represents the universe in many cultures, including the western one. The idea that the universe is a globe or a sphere has been around since ancient times, but only recently has this idea been undeniable thanks to the growth of scientific discoveries in recent centuries. This Sphere of Spheres Abstract Painting is the artist's interpretation of this timeless image, as well as his exploration of the forms found in an abstract representation of it, a way of bringing order to what is sometimes it seems chaotic.

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