Skyline New York abstract picture

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Minimalist Composition Abstract of the New York Skyline.

It can be done both printed on canvas and hand painted. In both cases, the canvas is mounted on a 3-3.5 cm thick wooden frame, with the edges continuing the image and ready to hang. It can be complemented with a black American box frame, which will enhance the painting and give it a greater category and elegance.

Relaxing and calming art that is perfect for your home or office. Canvas mounted on a wooden bastion for a modern and elegant feel. A close-up of the city skyline is displayed in a minimalist way. The motif is hand-painted or printed on high-quality canvas and made using Fine Art materialAl decorating your home, it can be hard to find a painting you love that won't break your budget. This is where our hand painted abstract painting comes into play. Although not as detailed as a landscape, this painting will brighten up your living room with its minimalist compositional texture of the New York Skyline.

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SPA1549-0002 80X40 Printed
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SPA1549-0005 140X70 Printed
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SPA1549-0006 160X80 Printed
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SPA1549-0007 180X90 Printed
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SPA1549-0013 80X40 Pintado a mano
116.00 € *
SPA1549-0008 100X50 Hand-painted
146.00 € *
SPA1549-0009 120X60 Hand-painted
173.00 € *
SPA1549-0010 140X70 Hand-painted
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SPA1549-0011 160X80 Hand-painted
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SPA1549-0012 180X90 Hand-painted
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