Abstract Painting Geometric Composition

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Abstract Painting Geometric Composition.

This contemporary abstract-style work, hand painted, is characterised by its minimalist geometric composition and touches of colour. The background of the work is white, which gives a sense of calm and tranquillity. The dark tones of red and shades of yellow ochre stand out, giving depth and texture to the painting. The use of straight lines creates a geometric structure that seems connected to each other. These shapes are combined with other elements, such as squares that intertwine with each other to create a sense of movement and dynamism. This artwork has no particular interpretation, but is open to the personal interpretations of the viewer. The work invites the viewer on a journey of discovery, a personal reflection on the relationship of the elements and the meaning of the work. This work captures the imagination and provides a unique experience for each viewer. The use of line, colour, plane and geometry to create a minimalist structure makes this work a unique and innovative piece that stands out from other works.


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SPA1536-0013 80X40 Pintado a mano 155.00 € *
SPA1536-0008 100X50 Hand-painted 177.00 € *
SPA1536-0009 120X60 Hand-painted 194.00 € *
SPA1536-0010 140X70 Hand-painted 236.00 € *
SPA1536-0011 160X80 Hand-painted 263.00 € *
SPA1536-0012 180X90 Hand-painted 289.00 € *
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