Red and mauve chaotic abstract painting

Product no.: SPA1511-0007 (L-HORIZONTALES: 100X50)

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Red and mauve chaotic abstract painting on gray.

It is made in digital printing on canvas, mounted on a 3,3,5 cm thick 3D wooden frame, with the edges continuing the image and ready to be hung without a frame, although a black box frame can be added, giving it a modern, avant-garde look and a higher quality.

Chaotic abstract composition painting in red and mauve.

The monochromatic coloring of the background in grays, makes the discordant coloring stand out with great effectiveness over them. The shapes in reds and mauves have an exceptional presence, creating a luminous and spectacular dreamlike composition, which will be a suitable and special complement in any decorative environment.


Selection: Red and mauve chaotic abstract painting

Product no. L-HORIZONTALES Price
SPA1511-0004 70X35 64.00 € *
SPA1511-0005 80X40 74.00 € *
SPA1511-0006 90X45 83.00 € *
SPA1511-0007 100X50 96.00 € *
SPA1511-0008 120X60 114.00 € *
SPA1511-0009 130X65 123.00 € *
SPA1511-0010 140X70 137.00 € *
SPA1511-0012 150X75 147.00 € *
SPA1511-0013 180X90 180.00 € *
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