Diptico Malva and Red Clean Cuadros

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Diptych of callas framed in colorful red and mauve.

They are made in digital printing on canvas mounted on a pine wood frame, using environmentally friendly ecological inks and framed with a box frame. It is a modern and avant-garde set of floral composition with callas and texture in a color where mauve and red dominate. They can replace a large-format painting in the decoration or be placed, as is, as a couple, both on the same wall and on different ones in the same room.

Selection: Diptico Malva and Red Clean Cuadros

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SPA1415-0002 2 de 50X50
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SPA1415-0003 2 de 60X60
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SPA1415-0004 2 de 70X70
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SPA1415-0005 2 de 80X80
351.00 € *
SPA1415-0006 2 de 90X90
392.00 € *
SPA1415-0007 2 de 100X100
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