Diptych of paintings of flowers in red

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Paintings of large red flowers in diptych.

They are hand-painted with mixed technique and Acrylic Fine Arts, on cotton canvas on wooden frame 3-3.5 cm thick. They are delivered with the edges painted and ready to hang. No frame needed. The red flower diptych is painted especially for you.

Couple of red geranium flower paintings.

The pictures with floral motifs will inspire a natural atmosphere and will fit perfectly into the decoration as pictures for lounge. You will create a style with an intimate and colourful character that will stand out in an elegant and distinguished way in your room. The floral paintings will also integrate perfectly as paintings for bedroom, or in other spaces of the house, office or business. They will also look great in the kitchen, entrance or any other room, as they have always been fashionable decorations with pictures of flowers.

Selection: Diptych of paintings of flowers in red

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