Vertical abstract grid

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1.-Hand-painted abstract painting with textures and geometric patterns.

Abstract painting hand-painted with mixed technique and Fine Art Acrylics, on cotton canvas on a wooden frame 3-3.5 cm thick. It is delivered with the edges painted and ready to hang. The painting in red, ocher and off-white  is painted especially for you.

2.-Tables Vertical red and ocher abstracts for interior decoration.

Decorate any corner of the home or business with pictures of abstract compositions. It is an excellent option when it comes to interior decoration, buy cheap modern paintings in different sizes and formats from the catalog of our online store.

3.-Table with geometric abstraction with texture in different sizes.

With them you can decorate with quality and good price any room of the home or business. We can also customize the formats, sizes and colors according to the decorative needs of each person who carries out the order.

Selection: Vertical abstract grid

Product no. P Status Price
SPA1240-0003 60X40
77.00 € *
SPA1240-0004 70X50
85.00 € *
SPA1240-0005 80X55
103.00 € *
SPA1240-0006 90X60
118.00 € *
SPA1240-0007 100X65
135.00 € *
SPA1240-0008 120X80
162.00 € *
SPA1240-0009 130X85
179.00 € *
SPA1240-0010 140X90
198.00 € *
SPA1240-0011 150X100
210.00 € *
SPA1240-0022 180X80
228.00 € *
SPA1240-0012 180X90
245.00 € *
SPA1240-0030 90 alto X 70 ancho
133.00 € *
SPA1240-0032 180X100
257.00 € *
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