Vintage Venice poster in warm colours

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Vintage poster Venice frame with gondolas printed on canvas.
The painting is printed on cotton canvas on a wooden frame 3-3.5 cm thick. It does not need a frame.
Vintage Venetian poster in warm colours.
The pictures in the catalogue, in their categories of vintage and city pictures, are suitable to complement any room or decorative environment by creating an original and unique style.
Printed pictures of the city of Venice with gondolas on the Canal.
The printed pictures are made with materials of high quality, ecological and durable, being very respectful with the environment. The inks used are resistant to light exposure and the presentation is exactly the same as that of another painting in our catalogue.
Vertical Venetian pictures printed with warm toasted colours.
You can arrange our modern paintings in different decorative environments. Venetian paintings are very suitable for use as bedroom paintings or any other corner of the house, such as the hallway or the entrance.

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P 140X90

Selection: Vintage Venice poster in warm colours

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