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Vertical Flamingo Head

Product no.: SPA1208-0007 (C-HORIZONTALES: 140X85)

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Pink flamenco painting printed on vertical canvas.
The painting is printed on canvas and mounted on a frame of pine wood 3-3.5 cm. thick, with mirror effect on the edges and ready to hang. It does not need a frame and results in an original composition and modern design of quadrossplash.com.
Vertical flamenco ethnic box.
The ethnic animal pictures are very suitable for various decorations. In this case, the stained white background makes it very polyvalent for various wall colors, standing out over them with their soft and elegant tonalities. It can be suitable for various rooms, among which we have chosen a dining room or meeting room. As it is a painting in vertical format, it is ideal for narrow spaces, corners or entrances.
Pictures of ethnic animals flamenco pink printed.
The ethnic pictures have been fashionable in the decorative world for quite some time. This painting has a soft color, almost pastel as a whole and makes it essential in certain corners those wide, such as corridors or corners. Its theme is calm and relaxing, being the flamingos very topical. 
Pictures printed on ethnic canvas with vertical pink flamenco.
In our paintings printed on canvas are used ecological inks of high quality and respectful with the natural environment. They are highly resistant and with great durability. We can adapt to your needs and modify both the design and the colouring according to your indications, so that it is harmonious with your decoration or with the colouring of your furniture. Contact us to redesign the vertical pink flamenco box printed on canvas.

Selection: Vertical Flamingo Head

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