Mapamundi Vintage Painting in Ocres

Product no.: SPA1201-0002 (I: 90X50)

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Frame vintage world map in browns printed on canvas.

This The painting is printed on cotton canvas mounted on a 3-3.5 cm pine wood frame. thick. The edges are presented with a mirror effect, continuing the painting and without the need for a frame.

Frames of old maps with classical motifs.

The Vintage paintings give the decoration a retro air that is currently very fashionable in the decorative world. With them you can complement any type of furniture and accessories, giving the environment a distinguished, elegant and quality touch.

Frames retro style with sepia world map in various formats.

In  ; our online storecuadrossplash.comYou can find old-looking paintings in various formats and colors. Our vintage paintings can be customized in format and color. We can present them in multiforms, modular, diptychs and triptychs, according to the client's needs. This painting can also be printed in large-format world map decorative vinyl format.


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Product no. I Status Price
SPA1201-0001 80X45
84.00 € *
SPA1201-0002 90X50
92.00 € *
SPA1201-0003 100X55
111.00 € *
SPA1201-0004 120X70
128.00 € *
SPA1201-0005 130X75
139.00 € *
SPA1201-0006 140X80
156.00 € *
SPA1201-0007 150X85
170.00 € *
SPA1201-0009 Otro tamaño-consultar
170.00 € *
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