Textured pink flower picture

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Flower painting hand-painted with mixed technique and Fine Acrylics, on cotton canvas on a 3-3.5 cm thick wooden frame. It is delivered with the edges painted and ready to hang. It does not need a frame. The floral painting is painted especially for you.

Pictures with flowers or floral motifs have always been, throughout history, a widely used accessory for decoration. They are reasons that invite tranquility and bring us closer to nature. They highlight environments with their vibrant colors and soft textures.

floral motifs are very suitable to complement the furniture, both in living rooms, bedrooms, entrances, dining rooms or in other corners. They are also indicated for businesses, hotels or hospitality establishments, giving them an elegant, distinguished and stylish touch.

If you want to give it an air of modernity and sophistication to your environment, do not hesitate to choose paintings of pink flowers from our online store. With flower paintings with textures you will create a modern and harmonious environment as a decorative complement. The Modern paintings of flowers and floral motifs will give your favorite corner, or the room you want to decorate, a touch of elegance and originality. Modern decorative flower paintings are the best option when it comes to dressing the walls of your home.



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