Marilyn Monroe's printing pop art

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Printing by Marilyn Monroe pop art.

Printed in cotton canvas on wooden frame of 3-3.5 cm thick. Delivered with printed edges and ready to hang. No frame needed. The pop art printing is printed especially for you.

Marilyn Monroe's colourful pop art printing for living room and bedroom.

Decorating any environment with pop art pictures is a good option when it comes to putting a suitable complement to your furniture. Whether as modern printings for living room or for bedrooms, the different motifs and formats of the online shop Splash Paintings are the right choice for interior decoration with pictures of Marilyn pop art.

Selection: Marilyn Monroe's printing pop art

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SP298-0002 50X50 Printed 58.00 € *
SP298-0003 60X60 Printed 76.00 € *
SP298-0004 70X70 Printed 90.00 € *
SP298-0005 80X80 Printed 115.00 € *
SP298-0006 90X90 Printed 125.00 € *
SP298-0007 100X100 Printed 135.00 € *
SP298-0008 120X120 Printed 165.00 € *
SP298-0009 70X70 Hand Painted 137.00 € *
SP298-0010 80X80 Hand Painted 160.00 € *
SP298-0011 90X90 Hand Painted 176.00 € *
SP298-0012 100X100 Hand Painted 195.00 € *
SP298-0013 120X120 Hand Painted 215.00 € *
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