Modular Turquoise Tree of Life painting

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Painting of the Tree of Life (5 pieces) turquoise color.

It is hand-painted with mixed technique and acrylic Fine Arts on cotton canvas and wooden frame 3-3.5 cm thick. Buying paintings or giving them away is a sure success. They embellish any environment or interior design, they make our lives more welcoming.

Tree of life multiform paintings inspired by Klimt.

With this type of composition, you will give your environment an air of sophistication and modernity. Do not hesitate to choose modular pictures from our online store. With them you will create a distinguished and harmonious style as a decorative complement. The multiform pictures of the Tree of Life will give your favorite corner, or the room you want to decorate, a touch of originality, elegance and distinction. When dressing the walls, the best option is to do it with pictures of the Tree of Life.

Selection: Modular Turquoise Tree of Life painting

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SP170-0001 2(40X30) 3(60X20)---140X70 cm 160.00 € *
SP170-0002 2(50X40) 3(70X20)---160X80 cm 175.00 € *
SP170-0003 2(50X50) 3(80X20)---160X110 cm 179.00 € *
SP170-0004 2(60X50) 3(80X20)---180X110 cm 185.00 € *
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