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Abstract Painting Ocher Colors

Abstract Painting Ocher Colors

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Abstract painting in ochre, brown and black tones painted by hand.

Hand-painted painting with mixed technique on cotton canvas and wooden frame 3-3.5 cm thick.

Abstract paintings in brown and ochre colours for living room and bedroom.

To decorate any corner of your home or business, the abstract paintings will give an avant-garde style and harmonious with the rest of the decoration. Their colour and relief will make them look spectacular in the chosen environment, whether as paintings for living room, bedrooms, entrances or any other place to decorate.

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S104-0005 100X75
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S104-0006 120X90
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SP104-0005 130X90
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SP104-0004 130X110
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S104-0008 140X110
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S104-0009 150X110
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SP104-0002 160X120
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SP104-0008 150X150
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SP104-0006 190X120
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